In the summer semester of 2019, the seminar “Micromappings. Recycling. Rethinking Property. Real Estate in the Bille-Land District” took place as an interdisciplinary course and relocated the place of learning to a specific urban setting.

Urban space as an area for experimentation
Impressions from Hamburg
Seminar paper

Urban space as an area for experimentation

As part of the Alster-Elbe green corridor, a former recycling centre on the River Bille has become an experimental site for urban development. Civil society initiatives, local actors and municipal authorities are cooperating to develop a different form of park. The aim of the “Micromappings” course was to examine processes of expropriation and appropriation on-site and to interpret them in their temporal, spatial, social and material contexts using cartographic methods.

Initiating processes of un/learning

The structure of the seminar: kick-off – colloquium – camp week – review focused on forms of un/learning and was characterised by the cooperation of students from various study programs such as architecture, urban planning, urban design and the culture of the metropolis. The participants discussed situation-specific methods together, applied them and thus also questioned familiar ways of thinking and working. Site exploration during the camp week began with 1:1 mapping using spray chalk, adhesive tape and notes and led to the students formulating their own assignments. This was followed by explorations of the surroundings in alternating group constellations, zoom mappings of accessibility and affiliations, as well as discussions with local actors. Using transscalar mappings, the cartographic results were ultimately presented as installations on the grounds of the recycling centre.

The forms of learning and the objectives of learning focused on included...

Public event: “What does an abandoned recycling centre tell us about the history of the city?"

During the camp week, the first interim results of the micromappings were presented in the form of a small exhibition at 7.00 p.m. on June 12th, 2019. In a public discussion, Larissa Fassler (artist), Anne Huffschmid, (cultural scientist, Metrozones) and Efthimia Panagiotidis (sociologist, Fux eG Hamburg cooperative) discussed the method of mapping and questions of subjectivity from their respective artistic, cultural and activist-sociological perspectives and their relevance for urban research and development.
The event took place as part of the Hamburg Architecture Summer, a popular event platform for different formats on architecture, landscape, urban development and civil engineering, including the involvement of all artistic disciplines.

Students who participated in the “Micromappings” seminar:
Andreas Meichner, Anna-Sophie Seum, Anna Suhr, Clara Sander, Daniel Matthias Fricke, Fred Volske, Jacob Scholz, Lisa Blümel, Lena Enne, Mareike Oberheim, Ronja Scholz, Sinan Sayar

Many thanks to:
HALLO: Verein für raumöffnende Kultur e.V.
Schaltzentrale (Experimentelles Stadtteilbureau), Hamburg
PARKS Hamburg
Ruder-Vereinigung Bille von 1896 e.V., Hamburg

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