The toolbox provides key terms and approaches for interdisciplinary teaching. They are based on the fundamental principles of the humanities and have been tested and adapted under suitable conditions during the teaching projects.

Openness as a learning disposition can be acquired through practise.
It makes an integral contribution to the experience of that which is not-yet-known.
Didactically supported openness nourishes curiosity.
It is a prerequisite for independent thinking and scrutiny,
and is a prerequisite for a democratic collective.

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The concept of space is the central basis of thought
in the humanities and engineering sciences and at the
same time is a conceptual model of complex realities.
A concept of space, understood in its triad of physical,
(socially) experienced and discursive dimensions,
enables the advancement of a complex
understanding of society.

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The creation of a community of reciprocal teachers and learners
is the basis for interdisciplinary team teaching on equal footing with students.
It is fundamentally conflictual, process-based and a prerequisite for
an independent positioning in the face of social issues.

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Understanding complex relationships and thinking in constellations
prevents ideologically shaped cause-and-effect thinking.
Complexity-oriented research and thinking makes it possible
to understand social realities in their multiple facets and conditionalities.
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The concept of unlearning questions learning processes
and education in their entanglement with power and domination.
For this purpose, you leave your own comfort zones and familiar
and accustomed perspectives. Irritation and friction can be used
as a didactic instrument for unlearning processes with regard to
university teaching-learning situations.
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Learning processes require longer periods.
The time factor plays a fundamental role in the acquisition,
processing and discussion of knowledge and insights.
Contemplation, reflection and implementing what has been
learnt as a path of knowledge along with practical experience
are central parameters of academic training.
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In progress

The toolbox is a collection of tools in progress. You are welcome to share your thoughts and experiences with us!

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